Module 8 : Salary and Labour Contracts


Entering the world of employment presents many challenges, including the knowledge of labour contract types and remuneration, alongside knowledge of one’s rights as a worker. Module 8 aims to provide an overview of these issues, deepening them and providing tools to understand them.

It is incredibly exciting when one gets a new job offer. It usually does not matter whether the new job is a result of a long and stressful process of job hunting or an escape from someone’s current employment; people are excited to get the job and are impatient to sign their name on the employment contract and get started. Even though it is tempting to start a new job as soon as possible, one must read the labour contract carefully before signing it. Familiarizing oneself with this document the company gives to you is the first and most important step before signing it.If everything is clear from the very beginning, then there will be fewer problems in the future.

The last module will present some information that might not be new to most readers, but they are still relevant for every working adult. Because of that, the reader should revise the information or at least take a closer look into those aspects which are not so common and can change during the period of employment (for example, progressing to a higher pay grade).


Module 8 will give you a thorough overview of labour contracts and their elements, with a specific focus on salary. Moreover, it will help you to be better informed about the various types of contracts and their rights, to assess job applications carefully.

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