About Finman

Despite the advancements in the economic field, financial literacy is not always a given even in the developed countries. That’s why, eight Organisations from seven European countries (Bulgaria, Belgium, Cyprus, Greece, Italy, Slovenia and Spain) aim to promote financial literacy among EU citizens and offer practical guidance on this matter.Finman project is aiming to reach people with low financial skills and produce tailored training content on the most relevant topics of financial literacy, providing real life-oriented knowledge and crucial financial competences. This content will cover a series of courses, based on the understanding of the problems in the target groups and will be later transferred on an online training platform, where it will be easily accessed by the larger public.

Project Overview

The project will answer the need for methodological tools for teaching this complicated topic in an accessible language and will increase trainers’ competences with respect to active usage of digital tools and gamification elements. In order to achieve greater long-term impact and better transferability of project results, the consortium will develop a FINMAN blueprint for cooperation to engage all relevant stakeholders in order to improve financial literacy education and make it accessible for all.Among the expected project results are:

Project Information